Desire for Your (Husband’s Role)


Genesis 3:16
“Your DESIRE shall be for your husband, and he shall rule over you.”

This is God, revealing to Eve a profound consequence of her rebellious decision in the garden. As though being cursed with pain in both giving birth and in the raising of children were not enough (see the first half of this same verse), Eve, who also represents all of womankind, will now desire (tĕshuwqah in the Hebrew): the notion of being in the authoritative role of husband; rather than acquiescing to her husband and fulfilling the submissive role of wife. In other words, this passage is not about desiring Adam due to the curse. It’s about being cursed with the desire to be like Adam. It’s about desiring to be in Adam’s role, rather than in the role God had intended for her.

‘Tĕshuwqah’ is not a coveting desire. Such is illustrated several verses earlier when Eve…

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