Calvinism – The Only Sure Ground of Consistent Evangelicalism

I’m reading through Iain H. Murray’s book “The Forgotten Spurgeon” and it’s been a pleasure. Here is one of the gold nuggets in the book:

“The irreconcilable conflict does not lie between liberalism and Catholicism as Pusey thought, but between a Christianity which appeals solely to Scripture for its warrant and a Catholicism which refuses to receive Scripture as its sole guide. And if it be asked where such a Christianity can be found, Spurgeon would point us to that system of truth which, handed on from apostolic days, through Reformers and Puritans, has come down to us under the name of Calvinism. We need be neither enamoured with the name nor ashamed of it. It merely serves to characterize a position and a creed which is the only final alternative to Rome. Arminianism obscures the nature of grace in salvation, while liberalism assails the inerrancy of Scripture and teaches the insufficiency of the written Word. Clinging fast, as she does, to works and human authority in her doctrine of salvation, Rome can accommodate both the Arminian error and the liberal error into her system. The only sure ground of consistent evangelicalism which can never be circumvented by heresy is that on which Spurgeon stood in the controversy of New Park Street days, in the Prayer Book controversy of 1864, and finally in the Down-Grade.” – The Forgotten Spurgeon p. 217

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